Drive engagement + Growth

Transaction based digital marketing and loyalty platform


Start with understanding where, when, and how people buy. Real insights.

Through partnerships with financial institutions , we have a complete view of consumer spend. This purchase intelligence is the foundation of everything we do.

Then take action with targeted ads in financial institutions' digital channels.

Identify opportunity
Reach real people
Measure results
Plus tablet device

We’re one of the largest digital ad platforms in Jordan

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Partner Merchants

Reach Acquire Retain

Reach over 400k customers to help drive sales


You’re gonna love us forever.

Hamza F.
Hamza F.Owner at Big Slice
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One of the main advantages of Cayyesh is building a relationship with the customer. It is important to look after customer and understand what they want and their buying habits which all comes with Cayyesh's merchant platform
Shaker J.
Shaker J.Owner at One
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As a small business owner, Cayyesh is a great way to give back to our customers encouraging them to come back again
Hamza A.H
Hamza A.HOwner at El Boutique
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Cayyesh gives me an advantage over other businesses down the road.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any query related our application. We will get back to you at our earliest.

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